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The PPAI (Promotional Products Association International) Expo 2024 in Las Vegas was not just a gathering of industry professionals; it was a convergence of innovation, networking, and opportunity. Among the thousands of attendees this January were members of the Executive Advertising sales, marketing and customer service team. Their mission: to uncover this year's top promotional products trends and to secure the best pricing for their clients.

As the Mandalay Bay Convention Center buzzed with anticipation, our team navigated the expansive halls, engaging with exhibitors, and immersing themselves in the dynamic atmosphere of the expo. They didn't merely just walk the show floor looking at all the new possibilities, they were actively seeking out the pulse of the promotional industry, ensuring that their clients remain at the forefront of innovation and market trends.


During the PPAI Expo, attendees were treated to a plethora of cutting-edge trends that are set to redefine the promotional industry landscape in 2024. Among the standout trends discovered were the emergence of "quiet luxury," where understated elegance took center stage, appealing to consumers seeking sophistication in promotional products. Bamboo accents made a notable appearance, reflecting a growing emphasis on sustainability and eco-consciousness in product design. Furthermore, sustainable items and packaging garnered significant attention, signaling a shift towards environmentally-friendly practices in the promotional sector. Another striking trend unveiled was the advancement in full-color decoration capabilities, offering unparalleled vibrancy and customization options for promotional items. Lastly, the expo showcased the growing popularity of laser engraving and deep etching imprints, providing a premium and long-lasting branding solution for promotional merchandise.



These five trends collectively represent the evolving preferences and values of both consumers and industry professionals, shaping the future landscape of promotional marketing. Let's dive into them one by one!


Attention All Marketers!

Focus on these 5 Promo Trends in 2024


1. Embracing Quiet Luxury: Elevating Promotional Products

The quiet luxury trend in promotional products represents a shift towards understated elegance and high-quality craftsmanship. Rather than flashy logos and bold branding, this trend focuses on subtle branding elements and premium materials to convey sophistication and exclusivity. Quiet luxury items often feature minimalist designs, refined details, and superior functionality, catering to discerning consumers who value quality over quantity.

In this trend, the emphasis is on the tactile experience and perceived value of the product rather than its overt branding. Items such as leather goods, stainless steel drinkware, and eco-friendly accessories are popular choices for companies looking to align their brand with the quiet luxury aesthetic. These products not only serve as practical promotional items but also as coveted lifestyle accessories that reflect a certain level of taste and refinement.

Moreover, the quiet luxury trend extends beyond the physical attributes of the product to encompass the entire brand experience. From elegant packaging to personalized touches, every aspect of the promotional campaign is meticulously curated to evoke a sense of exclusivity and sophistication. By embracing the quiet luxury trend, brands can differentiate themselves in a crowded marketplace and appeal to consumers who appreciate the finer things in life.

Here are the items we discovered that encompass this trend:

Custom Venus Et Fleur Arrangements (coming soon)

The Eternal Flower (first made popular by the Kardashians) can now be branded with your logo and given as corporate gifts or high-end client thank you's!


Branded Samsonite Virtuosa Collection (coming soon)

Everyday silhouette, relaxed aesthetic with recycled exterior and interior materials plus leather-like accents, from a trusted brand.

Collection Interior:


Customized Travis & Wells Lennox Padfolio (coming soon)

Sleek professional looking padfolio made from recycled nylon with elevated vegan leather accents. Now offering a soft new taupe color option.



2. Bamboo Accents: Giving Promo Items an Eco-Chic Charm

Bamboo accents have emerged as a popular trend in the realm of promotional products, finding their way into a diverse array of items ranging from luggage tags to home goods and electronics. Renowned for its eco-friendly appeal and unique aesthetic, bamboo adds a touch of natural elegance to everyday items, elevating their appeal and functionality.

From sleek bamboo-trimmed luggage tags that exude sophistication to home goods like cutting boards and kitchen utensils boasting bamboo handles for a stylish yet sustainable edge, the versatility of bamboo accents knows no bounds. Even in the realm of electronics, bamboo detailing is increasingly prevalent, adorning items like Bluetooth speakers, blending seamlessly with modern technology while infusing it with a touch of organic charm.

As consumers continue to prioritize sustainability and embrace eco-conscious choices, the incorporation of bamboo accents into promotional products offers a visually appealing and environmentally responsible option for brands seeking to make a statement.

Check out these customizable items that are all in on the bamboo trend:

Custom Bamboo Key Tags

An inexpensive giveaway that will make a big impact in your marketing!

Recently Added! Item: 392708

Recently Added! Item: 392707


Promotional Bamboo Bluetooth Speakers

Incorporating bamboo into electronics adds a natural touch to modern technology.

Recently Added! Item: 392739


Bamboo Accents in Promotional Drinkware

Offer a stylish and eco-friendly touch to your branding.


3. Sustainable Promotional Products on the Rise

The prevalence of sustainable items and packaging in the promotional products industry is largely driven by shifting consumer preferences and growing environmental awareness. With more individuals actively seeking eco-friendly alternatives, businesses are recognizing the importance of aligning their offerings with these values. This shift reflects a broader trend where consumers prioritize sustainability in their purchasing decisions, prompting companies to adapt and incorporate eco-conscious practices into their operations.

Moreover, businesses are increasingly integrating sustainability into their corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives. As part of their commitment to environmental stewardship, companies are opting for sustainable promotional products and packaging to reduce their ecological footprint. This not only fulfills their CSR objectives but also resonates with consumers who value brands that demonstrate a genuine commitment to sustainability.

Regulatory pressures and advancements in technology have also played significant roles in driving the adoption of sustainable practices in the promotional products industry. Tightening environmental regulations have compelled businesses to reevaluate their production processes and materials, leading to a greater emphasis on sustainability. Additionally, innovations in manufacturing have made sustainable materials more cost-efficient, encouraging businesses to embrace eco-friendly alternatives as a means of reducing long-term costs while enhancing their brand image and differentiation in the market.

Here are the items we discovered during the expo that align with sustainable practices:

Branded RainAlertz Umbrellas

RainAlertz Umbrellas are not only made with rPET materials, they utilize a minimal recyclable paper packaging when distributed. Packaging pictured below:


Ocean Bottle with Your Logo (coming soon)

Every Ocean Bottle funds the collection of 25lbs of ocean-bound plastic, equivalent to 1000 plastic bottles.


Customizable Karst Stone Bound Notebooks

This stone paper by Karst holds a C2C Cradle to Cradle Silver Certification. That means if you do have to dispose of your Karst notebook; it is recyclable. Through a partnership with 1% For The Planet, one percent of sales of all EcoSmart® products are donated to environmental nonprofits.


Tough and Durable Stone Paper:


4. Unleashing Creativity: The Rise of Full-Color Customization in Promotional Products

Historically, the use of full-color imprints in the promotional products industry was often limited to small imprint areas due to technological constraints and cost considerations. This meant that while businesses could incorporate vibrant colors and detailed designs into their promotional items, they were typically confined to a relatively small space on the product surface.

However, advancements in printing technology and manufacturing processes have revolutionized this landscape. Today, consumers have the opportunity to customize entire items with their full-color designs, breaking free from the constraints of limited imprint areas.

One of the key drivers behind this shift is the development of digital printing techniques, such as direct-to-substrate printing and dye-sublimation printing. These technologies allow for high-resolution, full-color designs to be directly applied to various surfaces with precision and clarity.

Additionally, improvements in materials and substrates have played a crucial role in expanding the possibilities for full-color customization. From textiles and apparel to hard surfaces like plastics, ceramics, and metals, manufacturers now offer a wide range of substrates that are compatible with full-color printing techniques.

This evolution has empowered consumers to express their creativity and brand identity in new and exciting ways. Whether it's customizing promotional apparel with vibrant graphics and photographs or personalizing corporate gifts with intricate designs, the ability to apply full-color imprints across entire items offers unparalleled customization options and visual impact.

Here are some full color promos that really WOWed us at the Expo:

Full Color, Full Coverage Wrap Custom Tumblers

For a limited time, try out a Full Color / Full Wrap for FREE on our Urban Peak 20oz tumbler. (A savings of $5 PER item)


Retro Webbing Chair…but Make it Completely Custom (call for pricing)

A new take on the nostalgia trend: Put your branding on every inch of this retro outdoor seating favorite.


Full Color Counter Top Bar Fridge

Don't stop at the drinkware - now you can fully customize your mini fridge branding - perfect for restaurants, bars, hotels and airbnbs.


Your Branding on America's #1 Fastest Growing Sport: Pickleball

Don't miss a no-brainer branding opportunity with the most popular sport today: pickleball – print your logo on the paddles or the ball bag! 


5. Crafting Promotional Magic: Laser Engraving & Deep Etching

Laser engraving and deep etching are gaining popularity in the realm of promotional products due to their precision and durability. These techniques offer a level of detail and permanence that surpasses traditional customization methods like printing or stickers, ensuring a long-lasting impression on recipients. Businesses appreciate the professional appearance achieved through laser engraving and deep etching, which elevates the perceived value of promotional items and enhances brand visibility.

Moreover, the versatility of laser engraving and deep etching allows customization on various materials such as metal, wood, glass, acrylic, and leather. This flexibility provides businesses with a wide range of options to create personalized and impactful promotional products that align with their branding strategies. Additionally, the environmental friendliness of these techniques, which don't require additional chemicals or dyes, appeals to companies seeking sustainable customization solutions for their promotional merchandise.

Check out these incredible examples of Deep Etching from our world class drinkware supplier:

Deep Etching on Ceramic Mugs

The quality and detail is unmatched in these custom ceramic pieces!


Here are some items that stood out from the Expo that incorporated laser engraving as the decoration method:

 Custom Engraving on Wooden Umbrella Handles (call for pricing)

Engraving your logo or gift recipient's initials on a wooden umbrella handle is a subtle, upscale way to include your branding, making the overall item perceived as higher quality.


Custom Pelican Tumblers (coming soon)

Stand out from the typical silver engraving with these brand new item colors that will engrave GOLD and UNICORN:



Custom Engraved Manna 4L/1G Titan Steel Bottle

Go big or go home with this epic engraved water bottle that holds plenty of liquid to keep you hydrated!!


Looking Ahead with Your Marketing in 2024

This year's PPAI Expo in Las Vegas served as a dynamic platform where industry professionals, including members of the Executive Advertising team, converged to explore the latest trends and opportunities in the promotional products sector. Throughout the expo, several key trends emerged, including the rise of "quiet luxury," the integration of bamboo accents for eco-chic charm, the increasing popularity of sustainable products, the evolution of full-color customization capabilities, and the growing prominence of laser engraving and deep etching techniques. These trends collectively reflect the evolving preferences of consumers and professionals alike, shaping the future landscape of promotional marketing. After delving into each of these trends, it's evident that the promotional products industry continues to evolve, driven by innovation, sustainability, and a commitment to delivering high-quality, customized solutions that resonate with modern consumers.



NOTE: Item Availability

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