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Custom Pre-Assembled Kits

Promotional product pre-assembled kits are packages or sets of branded items that are put together and packaged in advance by a supplier or company. These kits typically consist of a selection of promotional products or merchandise customized with a specific brand's logo, design, or message. The purpose of pre-assembled kits is to provide businesses or organizations with a convenient and ready-to-use solution for their promotional efforts.

These kits can include a variety of items depending on the theme, purpose, or target audience. They may contain a combination of products such as apparel (t-shirts, hats, jackets), stationery (pens, notebooks, sticky notes), drinkware (mugs, water bottles), tech gadgets (USB drives, phone stands), and more.

Gain a Competitive Advantage with Promotional Kits

The advantage of pre-assembled kits is that they streamline the process of sourcing, selecting, and packaging individual promotional products. Instead of separately sourcing and assembling each item, businesses can rely on pre-designed kits that are already curated and ready for distribution. This saves time, effort, and ensures a cohesive branding experience.

Pre-assembled kits can be used for various purposes, including employee onboarding, corporate gifts, trade show giveaways, customer appreciation, or brand awareness campaigns. They offer a convenient and efficient solution for companies looking to promote their brand or create a memorable impression through a collection of customized items.


Enhance Your Employee's Experience

Building and maintaining a strong brand presence is vital for success. While external marketing efforts are crucial, it's equally important to foster brand loyalty and engagement among your employees. One effective strategy for accomplishing this is through the use of pre-assembled custom kits containing promotional items. These kits not only serve as thoughtful gestures for your workforce but also offer an easy and efficient way to promote your brand internally. In this article, we'll explore the benefits and advantages of using custom kits as a branding tool within your organization.


Promotional Kits for Your Employees

New Hire Custom Branded Kits

Pre-assembled custom kits are highly efficient when it comes to new hire kits. When onboarding new employees, it's crucial to make a positive and lasting impression. Custom kits tailored specifically for new hires provide a warm welcome and demonstrate the organization's commitment to their success and well-being. These kits can include essential items like branded stationery, company swag, office supplies, and perhaps even a personalized welcome letter. By utilizing pre-assembled kits, the process becomes streamlined and consistent, ensuring that each new hire receives the same high-quality materials. This efficiency saves time for the HR team and allows them to focus on other important aspects of the onboarding process, such as training and orientation. Additionally, the customized nature of these kits showcases the organization's attention to detail and creates a positive initial experience for new hires, setting the stage for a fruitful and engaging journey with the company.

The promotional New Hire Welcome Kit from Executive Advertising, is a customized kit designed specifically for new hires. It serves as a comprehensive package to welcome and engage employees from the start. The pre-assembled set includes a customized Puffy Sling Backpack, Mini Spiral Notebook, 20 Oz. Two-Tone Himalayan Tumbler, Incline Stylus Pen, Desk Calculator and 1.8 Oz. Hand Sanitizer with Carabiner. The overall goal is to provide new hires with a warm welcome and essential resources to support their success and integration into the company culture.



Customized Work from Home Kits

Customizing work-from-home kits for companies with remote workers is a smart and thoughtful approach to support their productivity and well-being. These kits can be tailored to meet the unique needs of remote employees, ensuring they have the necessary tools and resources to thrive in their remote work environment. Customized items such as branded bags, ergonomic office accessories, customized drinkware, and promotional wireless chargers can enhance the remote work experience. Moreover, providing personalized notes or motivational items can help remote workers feel connected to the company culture and foster a sense of belonging despite physical distance. By customizing work-from-home kits, companies demonstrate their commitment to supporting remote employees, promoting productivity, and creating a positive remote work environment.

The promotional Mobile Office Kit from Executive Advertising, is designed to provide convenience and practicality for professionals on the go. Contents include a custom branded 16 Oz. Collapsible Swiggy Bottle, Meeting Mate Notebook with Pen and Sticky Flags, Stackable Bento Lunch Set, Heathered Fun Tote Bag, Pocket Highlighter, Stylus Pen with Antimicrobial Additive and 2 Oz. USA Made Hand Sanitizer Gel. 


Tradeshow Kits for Your Team

Providing employees with a pre-assembled custom tradeshow kit offers several advantages for both the company and its workforce. Firstly, these kits ensure that employees have all the necessary tools and materials to effectively represent the brand at tradeshows and industry events. The carefully curated items in the kit, such as a custom logo tote bag, personalized badge holders and promotional hand sanitizer, create a cohesive and professional image, enhancing the company's presence and attracting potential customers or clients. Additionally, pre-assembled kits save time and effort for employees, as they no longer need to individually select and gather the items they require. This convenience allows them to focus on their roles and responsibilities during the event, maximizing their productivity. Moreover, the custom branding on the items serves as a constant reminder of their affiliation with the company, fostering a sense of pride and loyalty among employees. Overall, pre-assembled custom tradeshow kits streamline the preparation process, elevate the brand's visibility, and empower employees to represent the company with confidence and professionalism.

The custom Tradeshow Survival Kit from Executive Advertising, is designed to provide essential items for attendees at tradeshows or industry events. The promotional items included in this kit include customized Non-Woven Tote Bag, Hand Sanitizer, Journal Notebook, Neck Wallet Badge Holder and Satin Stylus Pen. These items enable attendees to take notes, keep track of important information, and display their identification badges conveniently. The advantage of the Promotional Tradeshow Survival Kit is that it provides attendees with a convenient package of essential items, saving them the hassle of individually gathering these items themselves. It also offers an opportunity for the sponsoring company to showcase its branding and reinforce its presence during the event.



Employee Appreciation Kits with Your Logo

Company branded pre-assembled kits play a crucial role in expressing employee appreciation and fostering a positive work culture. These kits serve as tangible tokens of recognition and gratitude, showing employees that their contributions are valued. By including branded items customized with the company logo or message, the kits create a sense of belonging and pride among the workforce. Each time employees use or wear these branded items, they are reminded of their affiliation with the company, reinforcing their loyalty and dedication. Moreover, pre-assembled kits save time and effort for both the company and the employees, as they eliminate the need for individual selection and packaging. This convenience allows employers to consistently and efficiently express appreciation to their team members. Ultimately, company branded pre-assembled kits not only enhance employee morale and engagement but also strengthen the employer-employee relationship, fostering a positive and appreciative work environment.

The promotional Gratitude 4-Piece Thank You Gift Set from Executive Advertising, is designed as a thoughtful and appreciative gesture to express gratitude to employees, clients, or business partners. Thank you gift sets are valuable in various scenarios, including employee recognition, client appreciation, or as tokens of gratitude during special occasions. These sets not only express sincere thanks but also strengthen relationships and foster loyalty. Packaged together in a customized gift box, this pre-assembled set includes a branded 17 oz. insulated mug, wireless charging pad, 2.0v 4-port Type A USB hub with Type A and Type C cables, and a 7-in-1 utility pen with an LED light, a compass, a screwdriver with two heads, a phone stand and a stylus. Show your gratitude to your employees with this custom thank you gift set!



Recharge Your Employees with Pre-Assembled Relaxation Kits

Providing employees with a custom logo self-care pre-assembled kit is a powerful way for companies to prioritize the well-being and holistic development of their workforce. In today's fast-paced and demanding work environments, promoting self-care is essential for employee health, happiness, and productivity. A self-care kit can include items such as branded aromatherapy products, relaxation tools, wellness journals, healthy snacks, and mindfulness resources. By offering these customized kits, companies demonstrate their commitment to creating a supportive work environment that values the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of their employees. The presence of a custom logo on these items serves as a reminder of the company's investment in the personal growth and self-care of its workforce. Such initiatives can foster a positive work culture, improve employee engagement, reduce stress, and enhance work-life balance. Ultimately, a custom logo self-care pre-assembled kit reflects a company's dedication to its employees' overall wellness, leading to increased satisfaction, motivation, and long-term loyalty.

The custom Rest and Rejuvenate Kit from Executive Advertising, is designed to provide individuals with a collection of items aimed at promoting relaxation and rejuvenation. The customized self-care kit consists of a curated selection of items intended to help individuals unwind and find moments of tranquility, including a customized Star Shape Massager, Small Round Gel Beads Hot/Cold Pack, Ear Plugs and Eye Mask Set, Travel Neck Pillow, and Rubberized Lip Moisturizer Ball, all pre-assembled in a custom Escape Jute Tote Bag.



How Can You Customize a Pre-Assembled Kit?

Customizing a pre-assembled kit at is a quick, straightforward process that allows you to create a unique and personalized promotional package. In just three easy steps, you can tailor the kit to align perfectly with your brand's image and marketing goals. Let's walk through the steps below!


1. Select your item colors.

The first step involves choosing the colors of the promo items included in the pre-assembled kit. These items could range from various promotional products such as custom pens, notebooks, drinkware, tote bags, and more. Some kits may already be grouped by item color, providing a cohesive and themed appearance. However, many kits offer the option to select different colors for each individual promo item. This enables you to experiment and create a customized and eye-catching blend of colors that reflect your brand's identity and message.



2. Choose your artwork and imprint color for each item's decoration location.

After selecting the item colors, the next step is to choose the decoration or branding elements for each promotional item. This includes options like adding your company logo, tagline, or any specific artwork that represents your brand. Depending on the product, decoration methods could include screen printing, embroidery, engraving, or full-color printing. With this step, you can infuse the promotional items with your unique brand identity, making them truly stand out and leaving a lasting impression on your target audience.



3. Fill out your shipping details and add to cart!

Once you've finalized your customized kit by selecting item colors and decorations, it's time to input your shipping details. This step involves providing the shipping address and any other necessary information for a seamless delivery process. You'll also receive an estimated delivery date.


Option to Drop Ship Your Custom Kits

Drop shipping pre-assembled kits presents a convenient and efficient way to distribute customized promotional products. With drop shipping, you don't need to store inventory or handle shipping logistics. Instead, once an order is placed, the kit is assembled and shipped directly from the manufacturer or a fulfillment center to the end recipient. This streamlines the entire process, saving time and reducing operational costs. Additionally, drop shipping allows for greater flexibility in delivering kits to various locations, making it ideal for businesses targeting a diverse audience, work from home employees, or hosting events in different regions. Overall, drop shipping empowers businesses to offer personalized kits without the hassle of inventory management, ensuring a seamless and delightful experience for both the brand and its recipients.

If you are interested in drop shipping your custom kits, please reach out to our Customer Service team at (800) 338-7996 for a customized quote!



Now sit back while our team confirms your order and sends your virtual artwork mockups for approval!

Customizing these pre-assembled kits in three easy steps allows you to create a distinctive and powerful promotional package for your brand. By selecting the right item colors, adding your unique decorations, and providing accurate shipping details, you can effectively promote your brand, engage your audience, and make a memorable impact in the market.

Investing in pre-assembled custom kits that contain items branded with your logo is a powerful strategy to promote your brand internally. By providing personalized kits to your employees, you can foster unity, reinforce brand values, and cultivate a sense of pride in your organization. These kits turn your employees into walking brand ambassadors, increasing your brand visibility and enhancing your reputation. With their convenience, efficiency, and flexibility, custom kits offer an excellent way to engage and motivate your workforce while reinforcing your brand identity. Embrace this innovative approach to internal branding and watch as your employees become advocates for your brand both inside and outside the workplace.




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