Whether it is trying to get rid of stress or finding the perfect cup to enjoy a favorite drink, practical promotional products are the best way to highlight your logo. Promotional products are a great way to showcase your logo because they offer a tangible way for people to see and interact with your brand. Unlike digital marketing, which is often fleeting and easily overlooked, promotional products provide a physical reminder of your business that people can keep and use on a daily basis. This helps to increase brand awareness and recognition, and can also improve customer loyalty and engagement.

In fact, did you know…

90% of people remember the brand on a promotional product

And 60% of recipients keep their promo product for up to 2 years! The rest share them with others, passing them on to a new potential customer. At Executive Advertising, we have thousands of different products to choose from when looking for the perfect product to advertise your business, but maybe you need help to narrow it down. We have you covered - Let’s look at the best-selling promotional products of 2022! 



1. Economy Ultimate Round Stress Ball

Melt the stress away with these customizable stress relievers! The Economy Ultimate Round Stress Ball was the number 1 promotional product of the year. The stress ball is the perfect promotional product for ANY organization from schools, dentistry’s, care centers, and more. This stress ball comes in 30 different colors, so you’ll be sure to find the ideal match for your brand! Plus, this year we added four trendy colors to the collection. Promote any brand name, logo, or marketing message on this classic promo item. There is also an option to upgrade to a full color logo when printing. 

So what’s so great about a promotional stress reliever? Stress balls can help with the stimulation of nerves, improve circulation, and even treat hand conditions, according to the Tria Health Blog. Using a stress ball is easy and one of the best go-to promotional products when you need to showcase your logo. Squeezies attract any audience because of their easy accessibility and how fun and useful they are!

As mentioned earlier, we added 4 new colors of the Economy Ultimate Round stress ball to our collection this year! Our new, modern pastel colors easily attract people to your logo and are the perfect trendy stress reliever: rose gold, dark teal, lavender, and olive green. Fidget toys are all the rage right now, and combating nervous tapping or jitters can easily be avoided with this number 1 best-selling product. 



2. Promotional Satin Pen

An easy and cost effective way to advertise your brand is through promotional pens. Giving away promotional pens will help you get your name out there -- you never know where these items can travel to or whose desk they can end up on! Pens are a required tool for any professional worker and are always in high demand. Did you know roughly 1.6 million pens are lost every year? Here’s your opportunity to get your company name out there!

With a multitude of different colors to choose from and silver accents, the customized Satin Pen will fit right into any brand. This is one of our go-to pens when your budget is $1 or less and easily shows your logo. Use this lightweight pen anywhere to advertise your business. 

This promotional item is great for banks, real estate agents, insurance companies, financial groups, mortgage companies, investment groups, and restaurants to print their logo on! Promotional merch, such as pens, is a cost-effective way of giving back and creating awareness to customers. If your company is looking for a giveaway item that is inexpensive, look no further. Giving away promotional products as prizes creates a story and a memory. The most important aspect of promotional giveaways is that they are targeted to a specific cause. This way, you can get your customers to interact with your brand uniquely and make them feel like they are getting something special just for being loyal customers.



3. Customized Lips Chill Patch Ice Pack

The Lips Chill Patch Ice Pack is the perfect promotional product for hospitals, doctor's offices, health fairs and more. These industries can use this product to display their business on both a fun and practical product. The colors come in pink, purple, and red, and with Valentine’s Day approaching, can showcase your company on theme with the upcoming holiday. All our soothing gel-filled chill patches are made with PVC skin that contains no phthalates, or in other words, are safe and the plastic contacting your skin contains no chemicals. They are filled with a cool soothing gel that provides instant relief. Trust us, these lips don’t lie!

Medi-spas are the most popular form of business to purchase this promotional product. After clients go through surgery, such as lip injections, med-spas can giveaway these ice packs to clients. Their logo is presented on this product as well as being functional to the customer. Other businesses such as doctor’s offices and medical centers can give these away after shots or other treatments that involve icepacks for aftercare. 

Whether at home, on the go, or in the workplace, consider our helpful lips chill packs to keep your team, clients, and community prepared for emergencies. Shop this best-seller from 2022 for your business!



4. Branded 24 oz. Fitness Water Bottle

Help your clients jump start their fitness goals by motivating them with a new water bottle with your logo. The branded 24 oz Fitness Water Bottle offers 10 different bottle colors. This bottle is leak-resistant, doesn’t retain odor or taste, and is also squeezable.  

Drinkware such as water bottles have easily become one of the most popular types of promotional products to use to promote a business. You can easily showcase your logo on the bottle as people carry around this product daily. For hospitals, they can track daily water intake for patients with difficulty keeping fluids in their system as well as can be used for moms to stay hydrated during labor. For fitness industries such as classes and gyms, they can offer free water bottles to members when signing up for memberships or classes. Their clients’ goals may be to lose weight, obtain clear skin, or become healthier, so staying hydrated with a promotional water bottle is an easy way to promote your business all while helping your client reach their fitness goals. 

Water bottles are an inexpensive way to ensure you stay sharp as you tackle the day. Why not go a step further and use it to promote your business? Shop the best-selling drinkware item for your business or industry!




5. Custom Kan-Tastic Can Cooler

The Kan-Tastic can cooler was the most purchased can cooler of 2022 because of its price and wide variety of colors. Looking for can-coolers under a dollar? These coolers showcase your logo all while saving your money. They easily hold your drink and keep it cold, but without getting your hands cold. The Kan-Tastic coolers are made of laminated open cell foam and conveniently folds flat for pocket or purse storage. 

Some of the most popular ways our customers utilize this product include wedding giveaways, golf tournament promotion, and company party keepsakes! Showcasing your logo on practical products that your clients can use in their everyday is the perfect form of promotion! Country clubs can give away these can coolers when a new client starts a membership, or when a customer purchases a canned drink. Sports teams are able to give them away at concession stands so fans are able to promote their teams logo. Even real estate agencies can promote their business by handing the can-coolers out to clients to use at parties or tailgates!

Branded can-coolers are another super easy way to promote your company in a practical way. Your client is able to use this product while out in public at different functions. Stamp your logo on this top selling can-cooler of 2022. 



6. Promotional 16oz. Double Wall Insulated Game Cup

The 16 oz Double Wall Insulated Game Cup is the perfect cup to customize your logo on. It comes with a lid, insulates both hot and cold, and is sturdy and reusable! These cups are perfect for any sports club or fundraiser to use to promote their business at events. With over 15 colors to choose from, you’ll be able to advertise any logo for any company. 

Drinkware promotional products are easily becoming one of the most popular promotional products due to their long-lasting durability and functionality. Fitness industries can use these cups to hand out at events to sponsor their company. Any business handing them out at a festival or farmers market in the summer will increase your brand awareness.

Get your clients game day ready with these promotional cups. If your employees are counting down the days until the Super Bowl, gifting them this game cup with your logo is the perfect product to get them in the mood! Promote your business at any tailgate, party, or company picnic. You can offer this cup as a prize for games at your company picnic or even hand them out to anyone interested in your business at tailgates. These cups are also a perfect giveaway item that any potential customer will be interested in. Promote your business with this top-selling drinkware item!  



7. Custom Silipint 16oz Silicone Pint Cup

How many cups have you broken in your lifetime. Too many? With this cup, you are promised an unbreakable drinkware! The Silipint 16 oz silicone pint cup insulates both hot and cold, does not break, fade, chip, or scratch. 

These Silipint cups come in a variety of unique colors. They cycle out their colors every season but do keep some main classics such as “Arctic Sky,” and “Hippie Hops.” In the fall of 2022, they released 12 new colors and designs perfect for every creative and innovative drinker. The Campfire Collection contained two speckled colored cups; The Ombre Collection has three multi-colored ombre drinkware. The psychedelic collection is one of their more popular collections with fun designs and bright colors. Lastly, the Classic Collection highlights your favorite basic colors in a fun way.

Another unique factor about Silipint is that the ink used to print your logo is also made of silicone. This particular ink will never chip/scratch/fade like regular screen print might over time with a lot of use. This guarantees for your logo to stay presented on your cup. You can even add on a lid and straw upgrade for additional on the go convenience! The Silipint pint cup is perfect for camping, tailgates, sports games, and employee or customer gifts. This unique product will catch any potential customer’s eye. Promote your logo on this popular drinkware brand!



8. Logo'd Non-Woven Budget Shopper Tote Bag

Shop the top branded tote bag of 2022. The Non-Woven Budget Shopper Tote Bag is recyclable, reusable, and is the perfect branded bag for your company. This bag showcases your logo and is great for grocery stores, markets, bookstores, and more. 

When using this practical tote while shopping, your logo can gain lots of impressions. A huge benefit for tote bags is the large imprint area for your logo design. This makes it easier for people to view your logo on this product. Bags are the most popular promotional items distributed because they offer 6,000 impressions every time a recipient uses it in public. Consumers keep promotional products like bags because they’re functional. 77% of consumers say the primary reason to keep a promotional product, even if they don’t support the brand, is because it’s useful in some way.

The non-woven tote comes in over 15 different colors to match with any logo or design. If you are looking for an easy and cheap tote bag option, this shopper bag is less than 2 dollars each! Other than being used for shopping, churches, hotels, and assisted living centers can also benefit from this product. Using this tote for client gifts or promotional handouts also is a trendy way to promote your logo using this product. 



9. Rubberized Promotional Sunglasses

With over 30 colors, the rubberized promotional sunglasses are the perfect promotional product for your company. These shades can be used for summertime giveaways but can be used all year round. Sunglasses are the perfect promotional product to get your logo exposure outdoors through sporting events, marathons, and weddings. Sunglasses are also the perfect giveaway item as they are inexpensive but also practical as well as showcase your business. Sunglasses are useful to your customers and every time they wear it at parties, picnics or on the go, your message will get a wide-angle display. If you wish to raise brand awareness without repeat investment or effort, logo sunglasses are a great way to gain a high number of impressions. Showcase your company logo on these top-selling shades! 

Trendy accessories like sunglasses go a long way in driving up brand visibility. Businesses such as eye doctors can hand these out to clients who just got done with eye surgery. They can promote their company and have sunglasses to protect their eyes. These are also the perfect handout for summer parades to gain exposure on your logo. Catering companies can hand out promotional shades at weddings to help keep guests eyes protected. The rubberized promotional sunglasses are the perfect sunglasses to promote your company for cheap!



10. Customized 6-in-1 Quest Multi Tool Pen

 This pen can do everything but talk to you! The 6-In-1 Quest Multi Tool pen acts as a pen, stylus, LED light, phone stand, compass, and a screwdriver. The twist off pen cap reveals a ballpoint pen and a rubber grip for writing comfort and control. The stylus on the pen cap allows you to use your electronics hand-free. The slide switch on the side of the pen can turn on and off the pen and includes an extra bright white LED light. The pen can be extracted to function as a phone stand to hold a variety of phone sizes and types for easy viewing. There is a compass on the top of the pen as well as a twist off middle portion for screwdrivers. There is 1 flat head and 1 Phillips head bit.

Perfect for senior communities, youth clubs, churches, and more! Senior communities can give these pens to their members to use in their day-to-day lives. Youth clubs such as Girl Scouts or 4-H can do a giveaway for the quest pens to promote their club and gain more revenue with a fun product giveaway. Churches can hand out these pens at events and fundraisers. Promote your logo on this best-selling branded pen of 2022.


Go into 2023 with the top products of this year!

Whether its customized drinkware, sunglasses, or even stress squeezies, purchasing top promotional products for the new year is a smart move for any business. These products can help to increase brand awareness and attract new customers, while also providing a useful and practical item for clients and employees. With so many different types of promotional products available, it's important to choose items that align with your brand and target audience. By carefully selecting the right products and implementing a strong marketing strategy, you can effectively promote your business and set yourself up for success in the new year. Promote your business with one of these top 10 products of the year!



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